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Tootsville is a fun game world where you can play, explore, and build a new world together with your entire family. It's a whole new video game that you can play right from your web browser without downloading anything, and it's really free.

Who was

From 2007 to 2013, Tootsville was a commercial game (“”) created by a company named Res Interactive, LLC. They were shut down and are no longer in business.

Starting in 2017, this all new game based on the world of the Toots — “” — is being created. It's all the fun and excitement of the original, plus lots of new stuff. This game is really free, because it's being built by volunteers. We don't sell subscriptions any more or gold or anything like that.

You can find out about the old in the Wiki-Wiki pages about it. If you were a player on the old game, check out our Legacy Players information.

There's nothing to buy, and nothing to download. Tootsville is built by volunteers.